AssetTrack DB R19 Issue & Future

R19 Issue
Earlier today I noticed a mistake I made in the R19 release that would prevent the database being updated correctly when updating from R17 or earlier. As of now this has been corrected in the R19 release. The mistake itself will not cause data loss, however continuing to use the incorrectly updated database may end up causing data loss when retiring or disposing assets.

  • If you updated from R18 to R19 there is no issue and nothing needs to be done.
  • If you updated from R17 or earlier to R19, you need to perform the update for R19 again.

The Future.
As some of you already know I have started the process of completely rewriting AssetTrackDB for version 2. I have been working on AssetTrackDB for three years now and over the course of time my PHP / MySQL skills have improved considerably. I had initially considered rewriting the code slowly as I progressed, however, this proved to be a monumental task and I spent more time fixing issues than getting anything accomplished. So the complete rewrite has started!

If you want to see the progress of v2 click here and login as:
U: admin2
P: admin

So far the progress is limited to these sections: Home, Assets > Assets, and Add > Asset.

More updates on the progress of AssetTrackDB v2 soon!