AssetTrackDB R19 Released!

Feb 24, 2016

R19 contains the following fixes and improvements:
-Update check now slightly more intelligent
-Expanded max length of asset names from 25 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of serials from 30 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of bar code from 15 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of model from 35 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of brand from 25 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of owner from 25 characters to 100
-Expanded max length of people from 25 characters to 100
-Fixed an issue where disposing an asset might fail under some conditions
-Added button to track asset again immediately after checking in asset
-Fixed an issue where Assets page would not display the Quick Search / Filter that is applied (IE: Form: Tablet)
-Fixed some Quick Searches / Filters not persisting across multiple pages: Use, Created By, Funding, CO Room
-Added text explaining wildcard searches to Quick Searches and Multi-Layer Search pages
-Added user preference to change the number of Recently Added Assets, Recently Tracked Assets, Recently Updated Assets on the home page
-Multi-Layer Searches will now show explanation on Asset page (IE: Multi Layer Search: name = Dell AND track.user = 16)
-Database update needed will longer show immediately after update has been performed
-Database is automatically backed up and saved in the backups directory before database update

Links on the Download / Installation / Update pages have been updated to reflect R19.

AssetTrackDB includes and makes use of the following projects, each with its own license, more information available on their websites.


Also, a massive THANK YOU to these projects, without them AssetTrackDB would not have some of the features it has.