AssetTrackDB R18 Released!

Nov 18, 2015

R18 contains the following fixes and improvements:
-Minor visual improvements
-Added Purchase Date as an option on Quick Searches and Multi-Layer Searches
-Added Multiple pages to Manage People Page
-People can now have ID numbers
-People can now be edited (Name, ID)
-Add option to change user password from Prefs page
-Fixed a bug preventing bulk update actions on assets with spaces in serial numbers
-People are no longer deleted, they are disabled/hidden and information is retained for tracking info
-Quick and Multi-Layer now have the option to search for CO user
-Note this does not have to be exact, IE: adding a CO User quick search for "18" will find all assets that are checked out to users with 18 in their name
-Fixed and issue preventing saving settings under Setup > Settings
-Bar Code (AKA Asset Tags) can now contain letters
-Multiple speed fixed, most notably for Quick Searches and/or filtering from the Assets page

Links on the Download / Installation / Update pages have been updated to reflect R18.

AssetTrackDB includes and makes use of the following projects, each with its own license, more information available on their websites.


Also, a massive THANK YOU to these projects, without them AssetTrackDB would not have some of the features it has.