AssetTrackDB R16 Released!

March 3, 2015

R16 contains the following fixes and improvements:
-Fixed an issue with php errors being displayed (only showed if php was set to to display errors)
-Added reset custom to default button on Setup > Visuals
-Small changes to Setup > Site Access to make it easier to read
-Fixed issue causing menu to (slightly) change position on some pages
-Menu now underlines the name of the current page
-Fixed a bug where searches with certain characters would cause a mysql error
-Fixed issue with site access logs not sorting correctly
-Fixed issue preventing site users from being deleted if only one admin user remained. Note: Last admin user cannot be deleted
-Delete Confirmation now required before site users are deleted
-Logo text is no longer an image
-Added Logo Text Color option on Setup > Visuals
-Fixed bug preventing View Tracking by building from working

Links on the Download / Installation / Update pages have been updated to reflect R16.

AssetTrackDB includes and makes use of the following projects, each with its own license, more information available on their websites.


Also, a massive THANK YOU to these projects, without them AssetTrackDB would not have some of the features it has.