AssetTrackDB R15 Released!

Jan 15, 2015: AssetTrackDB R15 Released!

R15 contains the following fixes and improvements:
-Added ability to restore database from backup (See Setup > Backup)
-Non-Admin users can no longer access: Setup > (Site Access, Visuals, Asset Export, CICO Import, Asset Import, Settings, Update)
-Fixed issue preventing Checkout Info from being displayed on display.php for read only users
-Fixed an issue causing Custom2 fields drill down incorrectly on the asset_list page
-Added device info to confirm asset delete page
-Added confirm to bulk asset delete
-Files that are no longer needed with be deleted when update is run (add_asset_e.php, add_image_e.php, menu.html, report.csv, search.php, searches.php, siteaccess_a.php, siteaccess_d.php)
-Database backup is no longer stored on the server it is piped directly for download, old AssetTrackDB_backup.sql file is removed by update
-Site access logs now ordered by date, time
-Bad Username/Password now displayed on login page when incorrect login info supplied
-MySQL Error info now displayed on login page (after one login or asset check attempt)

Links on the Download / Installation / Update pages have been updated to reflect R15.

AssetTrackDB includes and makes use of the following projects, each with its own license, more information available on their websites.


Also, a massive THANK YOU to these projects, without them AssetTrackDB would not have some of the features it has.