What is AssetTrackDB?

AssetTrackDB is an open source Web-Based Asset Inventory / Asset Tracking System.

AssetTrackDB is geared towards school districts looking to keep a central record of all technology assets as well as a running record of asset checkout / locations.

AssetTrackDB keeps an inventory of assets recording:

  • Bar Code (Asset Tag)
  • Name
  • Serial
  • Age (calculated based on purchase date)
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Owner
  • Form
  • Use
  • Purchase Date
  • Images
  • Operating System
  • Product Key
  • Notes
  • Vendor
  • Funding
  • Cost

Each asset record also has space for two custom fields:

  • Custom1
  • Custom2

AssetTrackDB then allows assets to be checked out/in recording:

  • Current Device Name
  • Device name at checkout
  • Serial
  • User
  • Building
  • Room
  • Checkout Date
  • Checkin Date

AssetTrackDB also allows for easy sorting of assets by model, brand, owner, form, etc.

System Requirements

AssetTrackDB runs on a LAMP server (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP). AssetTrackDB has been tested on Ubuntu (12.04, 14.04) and CentOS (6.5, 7.0), however it should run on any web server.