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Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade Instructions | AssetTrackDB

Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade from previous version to R19 please follow the following instructions:
1. Backup Database

Login to AssetTrackDB
Navigate to Setup > Backup / Restore
Click Download button to download a copy of the AssetTrackDB Database

2. Get R19


3. Extract R19 to the same location as the previous install. Example: /var/www/asset

sudo tar -xf AssetTrackDB_R19B.tar -C /var/www/asset/

4. Update ownership of the files (user may be www-data, apache, etc depending on the distro being used)

sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/asset

5. Update Database. NOTE: This database update can take awhile, please click the Run Update button once and wait!

Login to AssetTrackDB, click the "Database Update Needed Link", then click the "Run Update" button.

6. The AssetTrackDB install has now been updated to Version R19