AssetTrackDB R14 Released!

Jan 8, 2015: AssetTrackDB R14 Released!

R14 contains the following fixes and improvements:
-Bulk Image added, allow one image to be applied to multiple assets
-Added PDF format for image upload
      -If ImageMagick is installed jpg thumbnail generated
-Fixed issue where copying some assets would fail
-Added ability to import asset check in / check outs. See Setup > CICO Import.
-Added ability to adjust some visual elements (header, buttons). See Setup > Visuals
-Added Changelog button under Setup
-Added ability to view tracking based on asset bar code / asset tag
-Fixed an issue preventing apostrophes from being used in tracking condition out and condition in

Links on the Download / Installation / Update pages have been updated to reflect R14.

AssetTrackDB includes and makes use of the following projects, each with its own license, more information available on their websites.


Also, a massive THANK YOU to these projects, without them AssetTrackDB would not have some of the features it has.